All About Slot Machines

Do you know how slot machines? I’ve done a tremendous amount of research to figure out the math behind the working of slot machines. It isn’t all that of a rocket science. Once you understand the basic functioning of a slot machine you will perhaps perform better at it as well. Who knows, you might even shine your luck merely by knowing what triggers the ultra-pay-out in a slot machine.

Random number generator:

I’m sure you’ve heard of random number generation. There ismuch software around the world designed to generate a random number within a matter of a few minutes. The reason for the wild success of the random number generator is that most companies believe that your security is extremely important to them. A random number will make it a fair game in the world of slot machines and give everyone an equal chance to succeed. A random number generator that is computerized in today’s slot machines gives random outcomes to ensure that no one tries any tomfoolery of any sorts.

Casino edge:

This is hard to digest but it is true. The casino will always have an edge over you no matter how hard you play the game. Maths and larger numbers help a casino get hold of the odds to their side. Every time you get a big pay-out the casino practically makes way more than you can imagine. The odds of you winning in a slot machine works in the same way. It is all about numbers and the casinos paly around it to their advantage.

Three or five reels:

The reels are basically the images that appear on your screen. Previously the slot machines uses metal reels with images but now it is all digitized and like mentioned above it is all shown on a screen with the help of a random number generator. The outcome of the reels are hard to determine and even more so since it now controlled by computers. The odds of you winning it are 1 in a 999 for 3 reel slot machine and 1 in 99999 if it is a 5 reel slot machine. The more unique the combination, the bigger is the pay-out.

The par determines the odds:

The modern slot machine comprises of the par sheet that decides where the natural stops for the reels are. These par sheets are extremely confidential and hence a player is never able to determine or perhaps get a complete idea of when a reel would come to a halt.

Slot machines are extremely fun and unique to deal with if you are willing to shell out some money of your pockets. However, it is a very common case that it often turns to a natural addiction to go on and on with it with the desire to win more. Every time you lose money you feel like trying once again and that is what makes it scary. Try to keep your gambling and slot machine uses within a limit so that you have the right amount of fun and the correct amount of entertainment and safety too.

TIki Island or Double Bubble Slot?

tiki island slotThe hot Double Bubble slot closely resembles the movie, The Da Vinci Code. This slot is about a mysterious expedition to find out a secret brotherhood guarding a valuable treasure.

Designed by Net Entertainment, Secret Code slot will keep you glued to your gaming screen. This slot has 20 pay lines and five reels, giving players enough chances to form the winning combinations. Some of the exciting features include wild symbol, scatter symbol, Secret Bonus feature and much more.

Getting Started with Tiki Island Slot

Tiki Island slot comes in two versions-free and paid. When you choose to play the paid version, the coin denomination starts from 0.01 and can go up to 0.50.

You’re entitled to wager up to a maximum of five coins for a single pay line. The maximum and the minimum bet amount for this slot is 50 and 0.01 respectively.

The jackpot amount is a high 4,000 coins, while 2,000 coins is the second best payout in jackpot. Currencies that are displayed in the gaming screen are Euro, Dollar, Pound and Canadian Dollar. So, you can select any currency while playing.

Illuminati-The Wild Symbol

Illuminati is the wild symbol in this slot. It helps players form winning combinations by substituting other symbols.

However, you need to know that this symbol does not make an appearance on all the reels. It only appears on the second, third and fourth reels.

The wild symbol, however, is incapable of substituting the Escutcheon Rim symbol. The latter acts as the scatter symbol for this slot. Only a single winning combination is paid by the house. In case of more than one winning combination, a player is paid for the one with the highest value only.

Escutcheon Rim and Secret Room-The Scatter Symbols

There are two scatter symbols that are present in this slot. The first one is the Escutcheon Rim and the second one is Secret Room.

These symbols can appear anywhere on the reels and need not fall in a particular combination or in an enabled pay line to form the winning combination. But it is necessary to receive a minimum of three scatter symbols to qualify for the free spin bonus round.

Another important thing that you need to know is that the scatter symbol does not guarantee any wins. It only helps you enter the free spins bonus round.

The Free Spins Bonus Round

Three scatter symbols help players enter this round. The control buttons get deactivated during this round including the pay line selector.

You need to check the Escutcheon Rim to check the value of the multiplier. This round consists of an infinite loop-the free spins bonus round starts all over again if a scatter symbol reappears.

The multiplier has the highest value of 20x. As soon as the round ends, the player is reverted to the normal slot round.

The Secret Bonus Round

This special bonus round comes into play when the second scatter symbol, Secret Room appears on reels three, four or five. While playing this bonus round, if you reveal any Angels, then there is a special bonus prize that is awarded to the player.

The Final Verdict

The Da Vinci Code had interesting twists and turns much like the Secret Code slot that can make you a lot of money while playing!

Beach Slot

Summertime Fun with Beach Video Slot Machine

beach slot

Slot Type: Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenominations, Advanced Autoplay Feature, Free Waves (Free Spin Bonus Round), Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols, Octopus Wild Feature, Video Slot Machine
Software: Net Entertainment
Platform: Instant Play – No App to Download
Reels: 5
Paylines: 20
Max Coins Per Line: 10
Coin Value 0.01 – 1.00
Bet Line Jackpot: 2,000 coins, 2nd Highest payout 1,000 coins.

Sun, surf and sand is the name of the game with yet another successful video slot machine from Net Entertainment. Get lost in the summertime warmth by the beach with the Beach Video Slot Machine.  Brought to you by the biggest name in casino gaming, and also the people behind favourites like Dracula slot, NetEnt has certainly hit a winner, with this game.

Beach Video Slot Machine is a 5- reel, 20-payline game. The game allows you to make a maximum bet of 10 coins per payline. The minimum bet you can make is 20 and the maximum 200. The coin value in the Beach Video Slot Machine ranges between 0.01 and 1.00. The highest wins one can get is 2,000 coins. With features such as Beach symbols, the free spin bonus round also known as Free Waves, the Octopus Wild feature and beach -like graphics complete with water waves and sound with each spin you take, you can then kick off your sandals and enjoy your time at the beach and hopefully win some money.

How to play:

Let us go to the seaside with the Beach Video Slot Machine game. The game is playfully animated and has that beach ambience, complete with birds chirping and waves crashing. There are 20 paylines on 5 reels that help you make winning combinations from. The coin value is between 0.01 and 1.00 with a maximum bet of 200 which translates to 10 coins per payline.

Beach Game Symbols:

The Beach symbols in the Beach Video Slot Machine will have you tempted to book that ticket to the beach in no time. The regular symbols consist of pebbles labeled A, J, Q, K and 10. The additional symbols include a treasure chest, oyster shell, conch shell, starfish and clamshell. A combination of these symbols along with the Wild, Octopus Wild as well as the Message in a Bottle Scatter symbol will have you winning this video slot machine game.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Wild Symbol is a piece of driftwood accompanied by a crab that resembles Sebastian the crab from the classic Disney animation, the Little Mermaid. The Wild symbol substitutes regular symbols in a spin to make winning combinations and is found in all reels except 3. It will not, however, substitute the Octopus Wild or Message in Bottle symbols and cannot activate the Free Waves Bonus Feature. Only the highest payline in a game with these symbols in play is paid. The message in a bottle scatter symbol can appear on all 5 reels and spinning 3 of them gives way to the Free Wave bonus round and does not grant you any winnings.

Octopus Wild Symbol

The Octopus Wild symbol is a substitute for regular symbols in a winning payline. The good thing about this symbol is it can swap symbols in a game to create more winning combinations. This symbol does not substitute the scatter symbol and it does not activate the Free Waves bonus round. This symbol can swap 2 symbols on adjacent reels such as 2, 3 and 4 but cannot swap its own position. It will recognize which swaps will give a higher winning combination and make the swap. All wins using the Octopus Wild feature are usually multiplied by 2. As is with the regular slots, the highest payline during that game is what is paid out. After a winning combination, the Octopus leaves the game.

Free Waves Bonus round

This is a round that is activated by spinning at least 3 Message in a Bottle scatter symbols. You have a chance to win up to 24 free spins. While playing the Free Waves bonus round, you can spin 3 or more scatter symbols which can then add on more spins to your game. All other buttons and controls are disabled during the bonus round. Should a Free Waves round is won while awaiting an Octopus Wild swap, then the feature automatically comes into play and will wait till the swap is made before going back to the regular Beach Video Slot Machine game.

Advanced Autoplay Feature

There are additional features such as Auto Spin that offer more chances to make winning combinations. The auto play feature is where you simply select the number of spins you wish to make and the game handles the rest for you. You can choose between 10, 25, 50 and 100 spins and you have an option to stop these when you realize you have reached a minimum or maximum number of coins you wish to have or when you have made a winning spin. This is made possible through the autoplay settings. In addition, there is the ‘max bet’ option where the highest values, number of spins and coins to bet are selected by the game and the game tries to get winning combinations.


When it comes to the payout, a combination of symbols will get you those high wins depending on the coin value selected and bet put in. The highest amount of wins is 2,000 coins when a combination of 5 treasure chest symbols is spun. Only enabled paylines give you those desired wins. You are able to bet real money or play for fun before making real bets. The game requires no downloads and can be played right off the Net Entertainment website. A visit to the Beach can finally make you a winner thanks to the Beach Video Slot Machine game. It’s high time that you experience the warmth of both summertime sun and real cash by the beach with this innovative Beach slot machine game.

Alien Robot Slot

Embrace the Space Age with the Alien Robots Video Slot Machine

Alien robots

Slot Type: Multi-Coin, Multiline, Multidenominations, Skill Stop Feature, Free Spin Bonus Round, Scatter Symbols, Expanded Sticky Wild Symbols, Wild Symbols, Video Slot Machine
Software: Net Entertainment
Platform: Instant Play – No App to Download
Reels: 5
Paylines: 30 plus 243 betways
Max Coins Per Line: 5
Bet Range Per Payline: 0.01 – 0.50
Bet Line Jackpot: 10,000 coins, 2nd Highest payout 5,000 coins.
Betways Jackpot 1,500 coins, 2nd Highest payout 1,000 coins.

Net Entertainment, one of the world’s best online game creators is making yet another creative video slot machine ‘Alien Robots’ for all slot lovers to enjoy. Alien Robots Video Slot Machine gives you the feeling of the space age with a mix of 64-bit graphics. The symbols that come complete with robots, aliens and even an alien ship beaming up something or someone makes for quite the outer space experience.  If you are a fan of games like Steam Tower slot, and Starburst, then you will love NetEnt’s latest instalment.

Alien Robots Video Slot Machine is a 5- reel, 30-payline game with a 243 betways option which allows you to bet a maximum of 5 coins per payline with the maximum payout being 10,000 coins. With features such as Alien Robot symbols, free spins, expanded sticky wild symbols and out of this world graphics, you are able to get in touch with your geeky, UFO side while having fun and, of course, making some money. The great thing is that you do not have to download any apps to enjoy this game. This game can be played straight from the Net Entertainment site.

How to play:

The Alien Robots Video Slot Machine offers you that outer space experience complete with radar ping sounds mixed with robot and alien graphics. When you click on the game, it lets you know that there is a free spin round, 243 betways and the main slot machine. The game has 5 spin reels and 30 paylines each waiting for you to make those winning combinations. Each spin you make will show you any winning payline by drawing out the path that led to your win. You are able to select your coin value that ranges between 0.01 and 0.50. You are able to select the number of bets plus 243 betways and also the level you wish to play at which goes up to 5.

Alien Robot Symbols:

The Alien Robots Video Slot machine has some interesting symbols that help you make those winning combinations. These are the 64-bit-like A, J, Q, K and 10 symbols. In addition there are robot symbols such as the Construction Robot, The Baby Robot, the Butler Robot, The Dog Robot and the Security Robot. There are also Scatter and Wild Symbols on top of these regular symbols. The scatter symbol is an alien spaceship while the Wild Symbol is an Alien Robot

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Wild Symbol which is the alien robot substitutes regular symbols in a spin to make winning combinations. Only the highest payline is usually paid. You will note that this symbol does not activate the Free Spin Bonus Round. The Scatter symbol, or alien spaceship, on the other hand is your key to the free spin bonus round. You are able to win when 3 or more of these symbols appear on the slots. A combination of 5 of these symbols is what activates the free pin bonus round.

Expanded Sticky Wild Symbol

The Alien Robot wild symbol after 1 spin becomes and expanded sticky wild symbol. This means that during spins, the symbol does not move while all other symbols do to enable you to make winning combinations. The expanded sticky wild symbol reverts back to a regular wild symbol after 1 re-spin. This symbol, however cannot substitute the Scatter symbol and neither can it activate another free spin bonus round. As is with the regular slots, the highest payline during that game is what is paid out. It is important to remember that you get wins on active winning paylines

Free Spin Bonus round

Welcome to another level of this game where once you activate 5 alien robot wild symbols, you are able to win up to 50 free spins in this round. You will find that even within the free spin bonus round, you are able to win more spins if you spin 3 or more alien spaceship symbols. You can win between 10, 20 or 50 free spins which are then added to the already running number of free spins in this round. Once all spins are exhausted, you will return back to the regular slots and continue with your game.

Auto Spin and Skill Stop Features

The main spin button is the large button at the centre of the control buttons. There is a ‘max bet’ button that will select the highest game parameters and spin to make winning combinations. There is an ‘autoplay’ option that lets you select the number of spins between 10, 25, 50 and 75. The game will play the number of spins you choose but also gives you the ‘Stop’ button depending on the wins or losses you are making. The advanced settings in autoplay mode lets you choose the minimum and maximum number of coins your total should reach after each spins as well as the option to stop spins after a win.


A combination of one or more symbols enables you to collect on winning paylines. 5 baby robot symbols get you wins of 10,000 in regular payouts while the same symbols get you 1,500 during the 243 betway payout.

The Alien Robot Video Slot Machine usually displays your coins in Euros but this can be changed to US Dollars or Sterling Pounds as these are the currently acceptable currencies. However, the value does not change regardless of the denomination. You will be able to play the game for fun or bet real money for a chance to win in space.